PopulationLow-income housing for formerly homeless adults with disabilities and their children
ServicesHSH LOSP offers Case Management & Support Services

Monterey Boulevard Apartments

Total Number and Type of Units:

4 Apartment

1 1-Bedroom
3 2-Bedrooms

How to Apply?

Department of Homeless and Supportive Hosing (HSH) call the San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SFHOT) to request outreach and connection to available resources at: (628) 652-8000 or contact https://hsh.sfgov.org/. For housing intakes and services, contact Referrals made by Family Coordinated Entry Access Points https://hsh.sfgov.org/services/how-to-get-services/referrals-and-housing-assistance/family-coordinated-entry-access-points/