Each year BHNC serves 150 youth ages 14-17 with job readiness training, employment opportunities, academic support, and personal development as part of the Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP). Participants are overwhelmingly from low-income families, on probation, in foster care, or are teen parents, and are residents at the public housing locations where BHNC provides community services. We know that youth who do not develop a job track record and employment skills today may experience lifelong financial insecurity. Underemployment among youth represents a tragic setback to young people and often leads to an accompanying loss of self-esteem.

BHNC is working to change that trajectory. Every young person in our program is seen and heard. 100% of our youth work at one of 30 non-profit, public sector, or private sector worksites throughout the City to gain employment experience and a foothold into their future.

At a Glance

Over 150 youth served & placed to gain work experience every year.

97% of the participants completed the program and were highly recommended for future employment.

We offered the Academic Mentor Program (AMP), alongside one-on-one tutoring to support youth and help them maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher.

98% of the youth are from a low-income family.

Demographic: 40% Asian, 30% Hispanic, 20% African American, 10% Other

We organized field trips & events connecting young people to career and college opportunities.

  • “MYEEP helped me prioritize my academics and pushed me to continuously improve myself…by developing communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. All my learning from MYEEP heavily influenced my decision to major in Business Administration at UCR and now I work on a finance team at a growing tech startup in the heart of San Francisco. It’s safe to say that MYEEP (BHNC) paved the way for success I enjoy today.”

    Christina Li
  • I like MYEEP because of the opportunities, the work experience, and meeting new people. As I worked in MYEEP, it has made me into a more social person which gave me the chance to gain confidence and have control. 

    2017 Alumna
  • “Ultimate Impact is so thankful to be partnering with BHNC and on the MYEEP Program. Through MYEEP we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing young leaders and their support has made our organization better. We look forward to the summer every year so that we can work with youth trained by BHNC. Thank you!”

    Rocky Beach
    Executive Director and Founder at Ultimate Impact

MYEEP Business Partners

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Bernal Heights Recreation Center
Boys & Girls Club Excelsior Clubhouse
Boys & Girls Club Mission Clubhouse
Bricks 4 Kidz SF
Commodore Stockton CDC
Daniel Webster CDC
Excelsior Community Center
Excelsior Library
Family Connections Portola
Francis Scott OST
Gilman Playground
Guadalupe EED
Hillcrest School
Junipero Serra Annex & Holly Park CDC
Kumon of Bernal Heights
Las America EED
Leonard Flynn OST
Monroe CDC
Noriega EED
Portola Library
San Miguel CDC
St.Mary’s Recreation Center
Zaida Rodriguez CDC
Ultimate Impact