We are Committed to Equality

Racial equity is central to BHNC’s vision, day-to-day work, and identity as a guiding focus for all programs and services. As a community service provider and affordable housing developer, BHNC is in a position to interrupt racism.

BHNC stakeholders recognize that racism exists in every aspect of a person’s ability to achieve stability: housing, healthcare, food access, environment, and economic opportunities. Where racism harms people of color in any one area, it further harms individuals in other areas.

BHNC staff, board, volunteers, and donors understand that racism across the spectrum of color is experienced in different ways. Despite the organizational commitment to working towards racial equity, BHNC has an obligation to learn of the diverse and nuanced ways community members experience racism and to adjust programs and services accordingly. Moreover, we commit to looking inward. Our staff and board are committed to examining implicit biases and ways they may manifest in programming and more.

BHNC’s ultimate goal is to partner with the community that we serve, dismantle systemic racism, provide opportunities, and advance equity as it touches all areas of residents’ lives. We commit to a process wherein we adapt our service strategies continually over time to always do better and move closer to achieving true racial equity.