3300 Mission Street

New Affordable Housing in Mission Bernal

Bernal Heights Housing Corporation (BHHC), Tabernacle Community Development Corporation and our extended team are pleased to share our plans for 3300 Mission Street, a proposed 100% affordable housing development in the Mission. The site sits vacant after a June 2016 fire displaced residents and left the former Single Room Occupancy (SRO) and hotel building uninhabitable.

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current 3300 Mission St.

Project Proposal

The redevelopment of 3300 Mission Street aims to transform the 9,200 square-foot structure into a modern six-story building, including up to 35 studio units of affordable housing, a residential community space, and neighborhood-serving ground-floor commercial and/or retail space. The redevelopment respects the site’s history by proposing to preserve the existing three-story façade and connecting it to a new six-story structure, creating a significantly enhanced pedestrian experience.


The proposed development will provide affordable housing for single adults or small households. The current proposal restricts rent levels for households earning between 30% and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), which equates to $34,600 to $92,250 per year for a two-person household or $30,250 to $80,700 for a single adult in San Francisco in 2023. Each studio unit will be a minimum of 225 square feet and feature its own private bathroom and food prep area.

Consistent with BHNC’s mission, approximately 40% of the apartments will be set aside for households who live in District 9 or within a ½ mile radius around the property or have been displaced from housing in San Francisco, expanding access and opportunities for families priced out of the neighborhood.

Project Design

San Francisco-based BAR Architects has partnered with BHNC to design 3300 Mission Street. Our design approach began with a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood’s historic and contemporary architecture for contextual and color references – ensuring the final design complements today’s Mission Bernal corridor’s landscape. In addition to bringing new neighbors to this vibrant, mixed-use, transit-friendly neighborhood, the building design proposes new ground-floor amenity space for the residents and neighborhood-serving retail along 29th Street and Mission Street, providing an active and engaging pedestrian realm for existing and new neighbors.

The redevelopment of 3300 Mission Street respects the site’s history by preserving the existing three-story façade and connecting it to a modern six-story structure. 

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Project Highlights

100% Affordable Housing

Up to 35 studio units

AMI Range

AMI Range

30%-80% ($30,350 to $92,250 per year for a single adult)

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Unit Size

225 – 450 square feet

Commercial / Retail

Neighborhood-serving retail or commercial space

Bike Parking

35 Spaces

Project Team

The project development team includes non-profits and city agencies with strong ties to the neighborhood, including:

The Bernal Heights Housing Corporation (BHHC) is BHNC’s affiliate organization that develops, preserves, and rehabilitates affordable homes throughout San Francisco. Our housing programs are designed to support adults with low incomes and their children, including formerly homeless individuals and those with special needs due to mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, or substance abuse problems. To date, BHHC has completed 18 developments with a total of 586 units, including four commercial units.

Tabernacle Community Development Corporation (TCDC)’s initial focus was economic development, youth education, and job skills training for unemployed and re-entry members of the community. In the first five years of existence TCDC successfully executed multiple educational and program services. However, the primary objective has expanded to developing affordable rental units with a deliberate effort to keep Black families from leaving San Francisco and to build homes for sale that will increase ownership within the African American community.

Mitchelville Real Estate Group CA, LLC (MREG) was formed in June 2019 in response to the housing crisis across California and a belief that new solutions, approaches and voices are needed to increase the housing supply for vulnerable populations. MREG is a company focused on the preservation, acquisition and construction of affordable, workforce and mixed-income housing. MREG specializes in strategic advisory, project management and affordable housing development & acquisitions.

The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) supports residents with affordable housing opportunities and essential services to build strong communities.

The San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund’s (SFHAF) mission is to invest in the preservation and expansion of quality affordable housing and community facilities. HAF accelerates the production and preservation of affordable housing for economically disadvantaged households, individuals, and communities by lending to, investing in, and directly acquiring real estate assets.

Mayors Office of Housing and Community Development

Project Timeline

BHNC is considering utilizing state laws such as AB-2011 or SB-35 to expedite the approval of 100% affordable housing projects as we redevelop 3300 Mission Street. In general, for projects with fewer than 150 units, expedited review requires the Planning Department to complete a thorough review within 60 – 90 days.

We are embarking on a pre-development phase beginning in September 2023 that will provide ample opportunities for community engagement.  We plan to begin construction in December 2024 and deliver 35 new units of affordable housing to Mission Bernal in fall 2026.

We want to hear from you!

As the project evolves, BHNC and our partners are collaborating with the community of 3300 Mission Street to ensure the project is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. As pre-development begins, we encourage neighbors, previous tenants, and other community members to contact the development team at [email protected] to learn about upcoming community meetings and stay up-to-date as we work to bring new affordable housing to the Mission.

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