3333 Mission Street

New Affordable Senior Housing in Mission Bernal

You’re invited to join the project team for an informal open house to learn more about this proposed 100% affordable senior housing project.

Saturday, June 8 at 11am-2pm
3333 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Coleridge Neighborhood Park Survey

This project offers the exciting opportunity to revitalize Coleridge Neighborhood Park, which has been closed since April 2020 in response to the City’s COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place mandate and remains closed due to safety concerns. We want to hear from you! Click below participate in a survey about your needs and preferences for the park.

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Project Proposal

Bernal Heights Housing Corporation (BHHC), in collaboration with Mitchelville Real Estate Group (MREG) and the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), proposes a 100% affordable senior housing development located at 3333 Mission Street (3333 Mission), formerly the site of Big Lots. In addition to providing critically needed senior housing, the proposal includes the revitalization of a public park and neighborhood-serving commercial space in the existing 16,000-square-foot building, which we envision will be programmed as a shared space for local arts and non-profits.

The project’s first phase includes a new three-story building along Coleridge Street and a six-story building on top of the existing surface parking lot along bustling Mission Street. Once completed, 3333 Mission will provide 70 studio and one-bedroom homes for affordable and moderate-income senior households. An underground parking structure will be accessible via Mission Street for residents, and a separate pedestrian-only entrance will be provided on Coleridge Street.

Significant consideration was given to ensure the proposed design will integrate harmoniously with the neighborhood, including the decision to place the taller of the two buildings along transit-oriented Mission Street. The three-story building along Coleridge Street will be the same number of stories as the existing Coleridge Senior Homes building but will appear to be approximately one story taller due to the site grade. The building heights along Virginia Avenue will span from six stories to three stories, with the three-story portion abutting most of the existing residences.


Rendering 3333 Mission view from Mission St.

View from Mission Street

Rendering 3333 Mission View 1 from Coleridge

View 1 from Coleridge Street

View 2 from Coleridge Street

View 3 from Coleridge Street

Project Highlights

Residential Units

70 (42 studios and 28 one-bedrooms)

AMI Range

AMI Levels

80% of the units =
$30,250 – $92,250

20% of the units =
$80,700 – $138,350

art space icon

Envisioned Arts and Non-Profit Space

approximately 16,000 square feet

Community Living for Seniors

The project places a strong emphasis on communal living, integrating a variety of areas to offer residents space for socializing and activities, thereby enriching their living experience beyond their individual apartments.

The site plan features interconnected green spaces spanning four levels, seamlessly integrating existing and new elements and fostering internal communities within the larger neighborhood. These green spaces include the public park along Coleridge, a podium-level garden space, the existing podium courtyard, and the grade-level portal courtyard. Residents from both 3333 Mission and the existing Coleridge Park Senior Homes will enjoy access to these communal areas. Transparent entry portals along Mission Street and Coleridge Street will provide security while allowing for connections to the surrounding neighborhoods. Existing residents will gain direct access to Mission Street via an elevator in the new building, and an open-air egress stair will link the existing podium courtyard to 3333 Mission.

The inclusion of green spaces throughout the site promotes walkability and a healthy lifestyle, especially beneficial for senior residents. Purposeful walking tracks and wayfinding elements connect the courtyards, encouraging regular physical activity. The roof deck along Mission Street will provide additional outdoor space, with a quieter second roof deck overlooking the neighborhood park dedicated to yoga and meditation activities. The existing trees along Coleridge Street offer additional privacy for residents and neighbors alike.

Other amenity areas including a library, computer room, bike room, and lounge area are envisioned to encourage gatherings with families and neighbors. Egress stairs will be designed as “wellness stairs” to promote routine use, while color will be used throughout the site to enhance familiarity and wayfinding. Personalized spaces at entry door niches foster a sense of individualism and belonging among residents. The disability-forward features proposed for this project exceed standard code requirements and address diverse accessibility needs, contributing to the creation of a future-proof building.

Community Amenities

3333 Mission provides an exciting opportunity to create amenities for existing residents and the larger community. Vehicular access to the site will be relocated from Coleridge Street to Mission Street, contributing to a decrease in traffic flow and a quieter neighborhood street. Coleridge Neighborhood Park has been closed since April 2020 in response to the City’s COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place mandate and remains closed due to safety concerns. In light of the extensive repairs needed and environmental considerations, the project proposes revitalizing Coleridge Street with a new public park for intergenerational use, complete with access to a community room that can extend the park’s functionality for the greater Mission Bernal community.

Incorporated public art elements, both exterior and interior, will serve as educational tools, narrating the history of the site and forging a deeper connection between residents and the neighborhood. Art in affordable housing communities can inspire neighborhood improvements and enhance residents’ pride in their development. This integrated approach aims to create a lively, inclusive living environment for all residents, while serving as a cornerstone for communal growth and enrichment.


3333 Mission will prioritize sustainability by exploring the use of healthy, low-carbon materials, both in the interior and exterior of the property. The building will be all-electric, incorporating high-efficiency heat pump heating and cooling systems with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) to lower operational carbon emissions. Passive strategies like sunshades and fins will be utilized to reduce energy consumption, supplemented by solar photovoltaic panels on the roof and battery storage for additional resilience. Water-saving measures include stormwater treatment and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Native and adaptive plants will form the basis for diverse gardens attracting local birds and pollinators; these gardens will be cared for using a weather-based irrigation system.

Affordable Homes for Seniors

3333 Mission will provide affordable housing for low-income senior households (age 62 and older). Under the current proposal, 80% of the units are earmarked for households earning $30,250 – $92,250 and 20% of the units for $80,700 – $138,350. Consistent with the policy of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and the project sponsor’s mission, approximately 40% of the apartments will be prioritized for households who live in District 9 or within a half-mile radius around the property or have been displaced from housing in San Francisco, expanding access and opportunities for senior residents priced out of the neighborhood.

BHHC aims to provide its residents with comfortable, functional, and affordable homes designed to support aging in place. We work hard to ensure our seniors at our existing residences feel safe and welcome, and we are excited to do the same for our new residents at 3333 Mission. The following testimonials are from residents at BHHC’s Crocker Amazon Senior Apartments (CASA).

“I have lived at CASA for over 15 years and have built a community with my neighbors and the staff. After my husband passed away a few years ago, I was very lonely. Luckily, Cindy, the building manager, and Mary, the social services coordinator, took care of me and made sure I had everything I needed. Mary often translates for me since I don’t speak English. I’m very grateful for my community, the beautiful garden, and the activities at CASA, especially the dance classes.”

– Resident Lai Yee Lam

 “Living at CASA allows me to allocate money to other living expenses, which improves my quality of life. The staff here help with whatever we need, and I feel very safe. The kitchen and laundry are always clean, and the location is very convenient. We’ve lived here for 18 years and love it.”

– Residents Man Yi Ma and Xi Chou Huang

“CASA has provided me a safe home with a supportive team. When I was hospitalized a few years ago, Cindy and Mary showed great concern and took time to visit me. In addition to the kitchen and laundry amenities, I enjoy the enrichment activities here. My favorite is the calligraphy class.”

– Resident Chung Chuen Cheung

Project Timeline

The development team filed an SB-35 pre-application on December 28, 2023, which expedites the approval of 100% affordable housing projects. The entitlement process is expected to continue through May 2024. The team will launch a community engagement process to collaborate with the community of 3333 Mission Street on relevant aspects of the project, with targeted community meetings with neighbors being held in spring and summer 2024. There will be a separate outreach process for the construction of the new public park; we invite the community to help us reinvent and improve this important space.

Project Team

BHHC is Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center’s (BHNC) affiliate organization that develops, preserves, and rehabilitates affordable homes throughout San Francisco. For more than 40 years, BHHC has been a critical contributor to affordable housing and community organizing in Bernal Heights and surrounding areas. BHHC has completed 18 affordable housing developments, delivering more than 580 affordable housing units.

Mitchelville Real Estate Group (MREG) is a real estate advisory and development firm focused on the acquisition, new construction, and preservation of affordable and mixed-income housing across California. Since its founding in 2019, MREG has acquired, developed, and preserved over 2,000 affordable/mixed-income housing units.

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), the funder for the project’s acquisition and predevelopment, is a nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) that mobilizes capital and partnerships to create more equitable access to opportunity for all.

We want to hear from you!

SB-35 projects are not subject to specific community outreach requirements. However, we are committed to transparent outreach, engaging the community to ensure the project is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. As pre-development begins, we encourage community members to visit our website for news and updates, or email [email protected] to learn about upcoming community meetings and be informed as we work to bring new affordable senior housing to Mission Bernal.

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